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Things to check before buying a second hand home

Eight out of ten homes currently sold in Spain are second-hand, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

Buying a used home has become a standard practice, as these types of homes offer numerous advantages such as better location, different architectural features and sometimes also a lower price. However, before deciding on the purchase of a second hand home, it is important to consider a number of aspects. Here are some of them:

Check the property condition.

If we decide on a second hand home, it is important that we make a thorough review of the home before making the purchase decision in order to avoid later surprises, as well as to adjust the price. Checking the electrical installation (important if it is a farm of a certain antiquity) or the state of the pipes and drains is a good practice. In our inspection we must also take into account the state of the doors, windows and closures to ensure that the house is well insulated, otherwise, we will have to face this expense or assume a greater expense in air conditioning housing.

Go to the Property Registry.

Even if we know the owner or the sale is made in a small town where everyone is known, a good practice is to go to the Property Registry and ask for a simple note of the house we want to buy. It is a document that includes information about the ownership of the house and the loads that may weigh on it, as well as accurate location and surface data. The Simple Note has a price that is around 3 euros, although you can also order over the internet for a slightly higher price, and we can avoid many dislikes, because if we buy a house with debts, we may have to take care of us they.

Check that the apartment is not rented.

Another good practice before buying is also to check that the house is not rented, since in case it is so the owner must respect the rights of tenants, such as granting preferential right of purchase or 30 days of right of trial. In addition, it must be taken into account that, whenever the dwelling is registered in the Land Registry, the tenant may continue to live in it until the termination of his contract in case the landlord decides to sell it. In case the new owner wants to use the house, the tenant can demand a period of three months to find a new house and move. Therefore, it is advisable to make sure that there are no tenants with rent in force on the floor that we want to buy. In this way, we will save ourselves illusions and then run out of housing.

Inform yourself in the owners community.

Before buying a home, it never hurts to talk to the landlord community to find out about such things as the monthly fee to be paid, the joint expenses of the neighbors or, if it is an old farm, ask if the works have been done to Adapt it to the regulations or if it is necessary to carry out structural works, since these can be an important disbursement with which we do not have.

Inspect the area.

When we have a house in the spotlight, it is always interesting to do an inspection of the area, since second-hand floors are usually more centric, with the advantages and disadvantages that entails. Check that the street is not noisy or that there are no conflicts in the neighborhood are two aspects that should be taken into account.

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