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Follow this guide to buy property in the Mar Menor

Until the end of 2015, the average price of a home was 28% lower than the record of early 2008. In the fall tourist areas has come to reach 70% compared to its highest figure. The property market in Spain is recovering, which means that once again a good time to invest.

Now is a good time to buy property in the area of the Mar Menor and Costa Calida, whether you're looking for a house for holidays or permanent home. Anyway, to find the most suitable property you must do much research on the ground and help of trustworthy estate agents. In this post we will describe how the whole process of buying works.

1. Think about what you want to buy.

Options vary widely depending on the usage you make housing. It's not the same if it is:

1. A property to invest.

The purchase as an investment involves looking to the property is revalued and can provide income through rent. Generally, this means that will be the best is to buy in areas of interest such as coasts and islands, or in big cities like Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid. Despite cottages have been increasing in value in recent times, such investments can be difficult, because it can be difficult to find people to help you with property management.

2. A property for vacations.

In this case, the housing must be able to adapt to occasional use. It is a home in which weeks or months a year passed. Apartments or villas are usually the best choice for this use, since the presence of neighbors help keep your property safe. Buy in tourist areas will also facilitate you can rent the house in your absence periods.

3. A permanent home.

In this case you will have to find a location and type of housing that fits your budget and provide you the quality of life you want in terms of services, leisure and accessibility options. You must take into account not very isolated from basic services, as well as the existence of schools or hospitals. Transport accessibility is another point to consider.

2. Please note the advantages of each place.

Decide which region best for you is a subjective decision. The best way to do that is investigating different areas exhaustively. At this point any resource available to us will be very useful. Try to gather information on the following aspects.

  • The real estate market in the area. If you buy to invest, you should avoid areas where housing is losing value.
  • how Is daily life in the area.
  • Finding out the disadvantages of living in that area. Are you isolated? Do your taxes are relatively high compared to other areas? Is it not enough urbanized for your taste?
  • The Local lawyers and realtors who can help you in your search.

3. If you are interested in the Costa Calida and Mar Menor, you must know the main areas.

Investigates the different cities with ease, and try to visit them before dwelling on a property specific.

The main areas are:

San Javier

San Javier is known for its summer festivals and dedication to agricultural and maritime activities. Located on the shores of the Mar Menor, it is a place that goes far beyond mere expectations shirts. Modern air and flavor alternate fishing village at this stop whose main tourist areas Santiago de la Ribera and La Manga.

Los Alcázares

Located on the shores of Mar Menor, it offers 7 km of coastline from Los Narejos to Punta Brava and dedicates much of its economic activity in the service sector, mainly due to tourism.

4. Visit the area.

The ideal way is to rent a property a few months in the area where you want to buy. If that is not possible, try to collect all the information possible and talk to foreigners about their experience living there. Be sure to treat this as a fact-finding mission, not a vacation. Your goal is to have an idea about how daily life is to get an idea of how to live if you buy a property there.

5. Put your house in order and check your financing options.

At this stage, it is mandatory to know how money can get in buying your home. You'll have to sort out your accounts and check mortgage lending. It's good to do this in advance as this can move quickly once you find the home you're looking for.

Then, you also need to choose the type of property that best fits your budget and your needs.

Finally, it is worth you go thinking about the state of the home you want to buy. There are different rules and taxes as if the property you're buying is:

Resale Property

These properties are generally safer investments because they do not have to worry about when it will end built. Taxes subject to the sale are also generally lower. However, buying a second hand property may involve spending reforms, especially kitchen and bathroom.

New Build Property

Buying a new property is always more expensive. Although in Spain the construction boom has led to many new construction housing, which lowered its price. As a bonus, you estrenarás your home when you buy, and not have to worry about remodeling and renovations. You get exactly what you pay for and wear will be solely for the use you make.

6. Visit the properties that interest you.

Before making a decision you should'll make sure you like the house and the area where it is located. If it is a resale home, you think about the idea of hiring an expert or architect to check the quality and condition of the property. Take note of any repair or reform it has to do. If you are buying off plan, be sure to consider the timing of the works and to check that the construction company is reliable and solvent.

Europahus, specialists in the sale properties in Costa Calida.

Europahus is a real estate agency located in the region of the Costa Calida in Murcia. We have been 15 years helping people like you find the home of your dreams in Spain. Like you're looking da properties and new developments that secondhand. Our close collaboration with many local realtors makes our catalog includes all kinds of properties throughout the provinces of Murcia and Alicante.

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