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New Build Property For Sale Los Alcazares Mar Menor

10 essentials when buying property in Spain

In choosing a home come into play preferences of each person, however there are things we do not think and we take their toll over the years. Here is a selection of aspects that can be useful consideration.

1. Try to choose the property that suits you.

Probably the hardest part of buying property on the Costa Calida is choose the most suitable. Take your time, compares the different possibilities offered by the market, examines the property in detail and make sure their legal status

2. The seller is who pays for the Real Estate Agency.

The real estate agent offers a seller why it is he who must pay the fee for its services

3. Do not pay more for services you do not need.

The property could offer complementary services such as management with the bank for granting mortgage or formalize the sale in a given notice. As a buyer you are not obligated to accept those services. You can say no.

4. Check that everything is to your liking.

Visit the home before paying a single euro not only to assess the overall condition of the property, but also to check the neighborhood, access to roads and means of transport or noise level.

5. Requests information on property registration.

Make sure who is the owner of the house, its legal situation and if you have any load before advancing any money applying simple note.

6. In case of buying housing new construction ...

... Not strong or pay anything without checking first checking in the commercial register and property that the company offers housing has the legal authority to do so. Make sure that the project has already approved municipal licenses required and analyzes the contract with a lawyer to prevent unfair terms are included

7. When you buy resale housing ...

... It is important to know that you are not required to subrogarte on the mortgage of the previous owner. You can, and should, find your own funding to try to get better conditions. In case you decide to subrogate the mortgage, you can also negotiate with the bank a change or improvement in conditions.

8. Other aspects to consider.

At the time of checkout, if the apartment is paid in cash is not necessary to go to the notary office, just a private contract between the parties that serve as proof of the transaction. Of course, if you want to register the property in the land registry, you must pass before the notary. Do not forget that, in the case of a sale, the notary usually chooses pays the expenses.

9. Taxes.

If a new home, you must pay the value added tax (VAT), whereas in the case of second-hand housing need to pay the transfer tax. In both cases you also have to deal with the tax stamp duty.

10. Register the property in the Land Registry.

It is the only way to prove you have the rights on the property that you just purchased. In fact, it is also important that before signing the sale or advance money is essential to check on the record who sells the house is its rightful owner.

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