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The 7 Most Common Mistakes When Buying a house in Spain

For many, buying a home in Spain is the dream retirement. For others a holiday destination. Others may see a profitable investment. Whatever your case, try to avoid the mistakes he makes around the world. Do not make the first one.

When you think about buying a property in Spain many times he comes to mind a quiet and withdrawn from the madding crowd, in short, a place to rest. Options each are personal. The truth is that Spain offers a number of advantages when it comes to buying a home: pleasant climate, cheap cost of living, Mediterranean lifestyle. Here the conditions are met to enjoy the things that really matter.

However, not all who decide to buy in Spain properly make decisions. Often made mistakes in finding and buying homes. Ideally avoid them. Buying a home is already a sufficient spending to be done with guarantees. EUROPAHUS took more than 15 years advising mainly northern European customers in the sale of housing. Our experience allows us enumerate some common mistakes to avoid them.

1. Buy impulsively.

Infatuated with a house and buy it without evaluating the pros and cons, simply because once spent an extraordinary day in the pool of friends often leads to a wrong purchase. Although a home in Spain is usually very inexpensive now, it should also take action and meditate well purchase.

2. Not knowing the area.

Many home buyers in Spain do not know anyone in the area rather than the home seller or real estate agent. It should be well informed of the area if possible with an acquaintance. If you do not have, new technologies allow us to know people in a particular area that I'm sure we will inform about the services of each area, its benefits, risks and the best areas or places to shop.

3. Disregarding maintenance costs.

A pool is great for the summer, as well as a grassy meadow in a garden, but both have maintenance costs to be taken into account if we do not go there much of the year. Just as an apartment community that has the community expenses or taxes. Always keep them in mind as you ponder the purchase.

4. Buy a property beyond our means.

It is important to know what resources we realistically to use the smarter way. Sometimes buying a property with which we have become infatuated supposed to be economically very fair. An unforeseen any leaves us in deep water.

5. Choosing one area too remote.

In the days of the housing boom many excesses in building and marketing of homes they were committed. Sometimes, it was built in remote or sparsely urbanized areas. Having to drive to get to our house in an inaccessible gorge can be nice on paper, but maybe we tire the third trip. Many people stop using their second home because they are too lazy to get there.

6. Dismisses the family can grow.

There are people who think only of the present and not see that the future is closer than you may think. Not see that their children early twenties will partner and / or children and a space required for them if you do not want to stop them on vacation, can also lead to a wrong purchase. Is the whole family will fit in five years in an apartment with a bedroom and a sofa bed in the living room?

7. Going for a property too large.

On the contrary, there are parents who buy a retirement home thinking about having room to accommodate her all her children and grandchildren, something that happens maybe a week a year or less. The remainder of the house remains almost completely empty, including expenses. You do not compensate in some cases rent a house next door or a room in the nearest hotel?

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