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Main expenses on the purchase of a home in Spain

When buying a property we should not only take into account the selling price, but also the purchase expenses of the house and taxes.

In Spain, the law states that if no agreement is made between the parties, "the costs of granting deeds shall be the account of the seller, and those of the first copy and the others subsequent to the sale shall be the buyer's account." Thus it is frequent that the expenses paid in full of the buyer and the municipal surplus value is paid by the seller.

The different expenses we will incur when buying a home are as follows:

Expenses of the purchase of housing.

  • Notary fees: to have access to the Property Registry, the sale must be formalized in a public deed before a Notary. Therefore, by writing and signing the deed, the Notary collects a fee called notarial fees that are legally established and that depend on the amount of the document signed.
  • Property registration expenses: after signing the deed, the deed is taken to the Property Registry for registration. The Registrar collects a fee for it that is legally established and will depend on the price of the sale.
  • Expenses of management: sometimes an agency is hired to carry out the procedures of payment of taxes and registration of the deed of sale in the Property Registry.
  • Costs derived from the mortgage: in the case of needing financing, there will be certain expenses derived from the granting of the mortgage.

Taxes associated with the sale of housing.

  • VAT or ITP. A tax is paid or another depending on whether it is a first delivery of the home by the developer in which case VAT is paid or is a second delivery, in which case the sale will be taxed with the ITP.
  • AJD. Is paid on all purchases made with a mortgage. The type of tax depends on each Autonomous Community
  • Tax on the Increase of Value of Urban Land: it is calculated taking into account the cadastral value and the number of years that the property has owned the seller. Unless otherwise agreed, the seller should pay.

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