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Dummies guide to avoid problems when buying a house in Spain

Home purchase is a big investment, probably one of the largest ones in our lives. It is essential to put every effort to avoid any problems. In this article we list some tips that will help.

Buying a home is perhaps one of the most important acts done by one person or a family unit. It is acquiring the place where we go to a part of our intimate and personal life, and where possibly be built, continue or develop our "home" either family or individual.

EUROPAHUS took this as enough years to know that if the purchase is not done right, the consequences can last a lifetime. In our company we know that our customers' investments are in our hands, so we provide a full, fair and honest advice that you avoid problems in the future.

Our experience of over 15 years allows us to give these tips to avoid headaches in the future.

1. Take time to compare.

Current housing prices in Spain are very attractive. Experts say start rising soon. However, there is still room to compare. No matter how attractive is the price or conditions of a property, it is still possible to find others with similar conditions. Do not gates closures.

2. Negotiate the price always.

It is estimated that the market situation allows more than ever negotiation. You can get discounts in some cases can reach 30% of the initial price. Are you going to miss the opportunity to get such a substantial reduction?

3. Review the placement of the property in the Land Registry.

It is convenient to request a registration certificate to see if the house is registered properly on behalf of the seller or is free of charge. For this you only have to ask a simple note.

Pay attention to whether the dwelling is aware of Property Tax, the shares of the homeowners, or were subject to leases or rentals.

In new homes property must be resolved their situation with regard to urban development charges, building permit, certificate of occupancy and the license of first occupation.

If there is any type of load, requires the seller previously canceled before buying.

4. Avoid making unnecessary payments.

Try to avoid the delivery of "advance payments" that some institutions require as "expression of interest" when you ask for a property.

In the case of signal or arras, consult an expert or lawyer for the purposes of receipt, indicating the reason for such payment, and their inclusion in the contract within the total price of the home you will be recorded in writing.

If you're going to sign a purchase agreement with the landlord or a duly accredited representative, obtain in advance a draft of the contract to sign and consult an expert. Carefully read the contract, especially penalty clauses in case of missing deadlines contained in it, or not finally made the purchase for any reason. also aware of how payments, taxes are charged, etc.

5. Analyze the condition of the property.

In some cases the cost of the necessary reforms can make what at first seems cheap ends up being expensive. Look closely at the state of the property and try to estimate the cost of possible reforms.

6. Do not buy beyond your means.

According to the Organization of Consumers and Users of Spain (OCU), do not invest in housing more than 4 times the net family income. Exceed this figure is a risk. Analyzes what are your resources and funding sources and put a spending ceiling.

Do not waste your time dreaming of homes you can not afford.

7. Consider the costs of the sale.

The selling price of the apartment is necessary to add the costs of the sale depending on the region can amount to 14%.

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