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Property Sales in Costa Calida Murcia

Tips for finding the best mortgage to buy the property of your dreams on the Costa Calida

Are you one of those people who have been raised to buy housing in the Costa Calida? If so, perhaps you are interested in finding a mortgage to finance your new home in the Costa Calida.

Find a mortgage in the UK can be quite difficult, but when it comes to finding one in another country can be very discouraging to many domestic and foreign suppliers all competing. Keep in mind that you need to look the supply of mortgages before hiring one. With this article we save you time and money.

Look for different mortgage options online is one of the first steps, but should not be the only one.

Europahus brings you in this article the 5 basic types of varieties available for your mortgage:

International mortgages.

Depending on the country in which you are resident, some international lenders will offer international mortgage so you can buy abroad. For example, Lloyds TSB in the UK offer British residents who own a house in the UK a plan designed specifically for the purchase of real estate in Spain.

Local Spanish mortgages.

As Spain is geared largely to foreign buyer it is often possible to obtain funding locally in Spain especially if you approach one of the largest international banks.

It is very important to be sure they understand the terms and conditions of the loan and local payment methods, as well as testing and comparing interest rates with those of your home country.

Some people have been deceived with what looked good deals on mortgages with a low price at first, only to find that after some many months the monthly payment suddenly doubled.

Expat mortgages

If you are already living in Spain and wants to buy in Spain or are thinking of buying a house in the UK for any reason, it can be very difficult to obtain a mortgage.

If you had a strong credit history before expatriation and is now in receipt of income to support your mortgage application there are a number of lenders who are interested in attracting these customers

Usually, you should be able to get a mortgage up to 85% of the value of the property, always showing that it is solvent. This can be done by demonstrating the economic capacity.

Ask for a second mortgage.

This is, of course, the simplest and most popular method currently used for the purchase of holiday homes abroad for many buyers. In the UK, especially, where many people have accumulated substantial savings and are now releasing this "extra money" to buy property in Spain.

If you consider that this method has to accept that the additional amount is added to your mortgage will incur interest, it must be repaid within or at the end of the term of your mortgage and the entire loan is secured on your main property.

Installment payments.

You may need to think about buying property off plan as this can give you the option to pay your home through a series of installments or partial payments that can save a good sum of money while housing is built.

After paying the deposit to secure housing, dates, deadlines and amounts will be written in your contract. Clearly, this method is particularly suitable for those with a high level of disposable income.

Once you have determined the most appropriate to meet their needs and circumstances can begin your search for a lender where appropriate method. Consider searching the Internet, using forums expatriates and international property sites. In this choice of banks and lenders it is advisable to listen to personal recommendations from friends, family and colleagues who have already bought property in Spain.

Europahus, dedicated to the sale of homes in La Costa Calida and other areas of Murcia.

In EUROPAHUS we provide a comprehensive property advice that includes all legal and taxation aspects Spain that may not know. We are specialized in selling all kinds of second-hand properties and new construction in the whole area of the Costa Calida and Costa Blanca, from Mazarrón to Denia.

Check out the catalogue of properties available on our website and contact us if you see any that interests you.

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