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Property Sales in Los Alcazares Costa Calida

Frequently Asked Questions about the property sales on the Costa Calida

Through this article as a frequently asked questions we want to help you during all steps of the process.

It is crucial to be clear from the start what it will cost us to buy a property in Spain. It is equally important to be clear about the costs of day-to-day will be our home. It is your responsibility to know how to manage accounts and figures, rather than relying on the information that we provide third parties.

In this article, however, Europahus bring you information about other aspects it is appropriate that you know if you are interested in buying property in Spain:

How do I arrange me to visit the properties that interest me in Spain?

It is very well investigated. Take a look at websites, catalogs of real estate, or international real estate portals. However, there is nothing like visiting the area and do a survey of the properties that interest us "on the ground"

We recommend that you book your airline tickets in advance a little to get the best price. Most European airports have low-cost airlines flying to the airports of Alicante, Murcia and Valencia.

How long should I stay in Spain to view properties?

We strongly recommend you do not spend more than two or three days watching property. It is better to see a selection of 10 houses that meet your precise requirements, and then go back home to think calmly about what you've seen.

How do I book a property that I liked?

If you see a property you are really interested, you can ask the owner a reserve of 24 hours. This costs nothing and there is no obligation to buy. It is simply a formula that allows you can consult your decision with the pillow without fear that another buyer comes and you remove it.

How much should I pay as a deposit to reserve a property in Spain?

When you have found your ideal property, you will be required to pay a non refundable deposit of amounts which range from 3,000 € to 6,000 €. This will ensure the removal of ownership of the property market. This deposit is part of a legal contract, which keeps the price of the property as agreed at the time of paying the deposit and ensures that housing will rise in price.

This sum is part of the cost of the house and is not an additional payment. Or it will be deducted from the price of housing or returned to the completion of the sale.

This sum is paid directly to the builder or developer and a receipt will be issued to you. Most builders can accept this payment in the form of a personal check, credit card payment, bank transfer or cash.

How the buying process starts?

It all starts with the preparation of a purchase agreement with your acceptance and signature. It is recommended that an expert take a look at the contract and do not sign anything you do not understand the content.

They should conduct the necessary investigations on the property. You need to ensure that payments are made accurately and that all properly left to your name once final scripture.

Do I have to stay in Spain during each stage of the buying process?

No. Like in your country, you can instruct a person you trust to act on your behalf, even for signing the deed. This is done by issuing a "power of attorney".

What are the payment terms for the sale in Spain?

When buying a new property in Spain, usually you have to make payments in stages.

These milestone payments vary, depending on the developer. Usually, you will be required with payments from 20% to 50% within 30 to 60 days of signing the contract. The remainder must be paid at the end, at the time of the signing of the deeds.

You will be informed of the dates on which you must perform each of the payments.

Europahus, a variety of property sales in Los Alcazares and other areas of the Costa Calida.

Europahus is a real estate agency located in the town of Los Alcazares in Murcia. We 15 years helping people like you find the home of your dreams in Spain. Like you're looking da properties and new developments that secondhand. Our close collaboration with many local realtors makes our catalog includes all kinds of properties throughout the provinces of Murcia and Alicante.

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